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Andrew Hammoude - Professional Biography

Dr. Andrew Hammoude has over 26 years experience as an engineer, including both academic and industrial experience. In the academic setting this includes research and extensive teaching, and in industry this includes engineering design, project management, consulting, and entrepreneurship.

Dr. Hammoude has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from the University of Washington, a Master's in Electrical Engineering from the University of Toronto, and an undergraduate degree in Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

His Master's research project was in the area of systems & controls; he developed a system for real-time adaptive control of a mineral ore processing plant, and implemented it at a working zinc mine in Quebec, Canada. His doctoral research project was in the area of image processing; he designed and implemented a hardware/software system for computer analysis of medical ultrasound images. He also designed and implemented a system for automatic endocardial border identification in echocardiographic images.

Dr. Hammoude is presently with Neda Communications, Inc. This is his second participation in a high-tech entrepreneurial venture. In 1988 he became co-owner of IMAGEsystems, Inc., a high-technology start-up company involved in the development of advanced image processing hardware and software products. He joined this company at a very early stage, and was involved in virtually all aspects of the start-up. He created the company Business Plan: he did the necessary market research, defined target markets, established sales and marketing strategies, established a product development plan, determined a staffing and recruitment schedule, and developed detailed financial projections. He also produced all company written materials, including technical manuals, sales and marketing literature, and press releases. He also took initial responsibility for all sales related activities, and secured the first company sales.

Since 1991 he has provided engineering consulting services to numerous clients. These have included systems analysis services, project management services, and the creation of technical engineering and strategic documentation for a variety of projects.

Dr. Hammoude has been with Neda Communications, Inc. since December 1999. His broad academic and industrial background in Electrical Engineering, entrepreneurial experience, and superlative writing skills have made him an ideal fit for the needs of Neda Communications, Inc. His principal responsibilities have been to conduct rigorous analysis and validation of the company's strategic vision, and create all written materials necessary to communicate the company's philosophy, goals, and strategies to clients, business partners, and investors.

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